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Welcome to Nyfikenheten - a problem solving and development agency! We are experts on making people look at things from new perspectives and move from thought to action. We do this by buildning teams and help them explore challenges, find inspiring and unexpected solutions and come to decisions faster. We call it everyday innovation - curiously, fun and with a strong focus on results!  



Nyfikenheten (transl. Curiosity) was founded by Jenny Fürstenbach and Anna Billow Bodlund, both with many years of experience as leaders within business as well as the non profit sector.

We can help you with project management, process leadership and facilitation. We also teach the methods, tools and mindsets we practice. Working with us means that we facilitate your process and push it forward to reach results. We challenge you and help you connect the dots and find insights - but you are the ones solving your problems, making all the decisions and coming up with the solutions you think will be best suited for you. Our methodology is based on Design Thinking principles but also on framework from more traditional business- and organisational development. For us the process in itself is never the goal, it is the result that counts. If your team is spread out on different sites that is no problem, all of what we do can be done online and remote! 

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